Ford Falcon Futura 1967

I bought this car back in August 1990. The car was imported to Norway in August/September 1968. In the autumn 1995 I was about to sell it, but my brother bought a part of it. The car is a 1967 Ford Falcon Futura, 2 door club coupe. There were only produced 6287 of this model this year. It originally had a 6 cylinder engine. Around 1985 the car was modified and rebuilt. Then it was equipped with a modified 289" engine, FMX Faibanks automatic transmission and 9" rear axle (3.89:1) with Detroit Locker. The frontsuspension was modified with parts from a 1970 Torino.

Today the car is still much the same. The transmission and converter have been rebuilt and the engine has been modified a little bit further and is now under rebuilding. The car is getting a power steering and the brakes are being checked.

The inside of the car is almost original. The carpet is replaced and some instruments are installed. It also has a tacho-meter on the hood.

October 2001, Jon, who modified and rebuilt this car back in around 1985, bought it back. It was a bit strange to sell this car after so many years. Hopefully the car will be back on the road again soon.

More pictures:

August 2002. The Falcon is now on the road again. The transmission is changed to 4-speed manual, and the steering is still manual. The picture below, is taken outside a big Mustang show at Tyrigrava, 17. August 2002.

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